Nargisi Koftay Recipe

Nargisi Kofty

This dish may seem complicated, but it is actually quite simple to make. Koftas are basically meatballs that are served as-is or on a skewer, but this recipe takes it to the next level. The hard-boiled eggs are wrapped in a mixture of meatballs and spices, dusted with flour and fried until crispy. They are then served in a delicious sauce of tomatoes, spices, and yogurt for creaminess. Add Nargisi Kofta to an evening menu and your friends will think you’ve been cooking all day to prepare them.

Serving-4 persons, Cooking timing, 45-Mins


  • Egg-8 (boiled)
  • Beef or Mutton Minced-1 kg (without fats) half boiled without water and half is uncooked
  • Onion-2 small size (cut and golden brown it)
  • Khashkhash-2 tbsp
  • White cumin-1 tsp
  • Almonds-6 (cooked it in frying pan without oil)
  • Whole Black Pepper-8
  • Salt-to taste
  • Baked Chick Pea (bhunnay huay chanay)-2 tbsp
  • Black cumin-1 tsp
  • Small Cardamom-8
  • Red Pepper Powder-1 tsp

Note All the ingredients must be blended in blender.



  • Mix the boiled and unboiled minced.
  • After that all all the blended dry spices along with golden brown onion and chop it in chopper.
  • Now add an egg in it and mix it like a dough.
  • Take the minced in your hand put boiled whole egg and cover it with minced.
  • Take frying pan heat up oil and fry qofte in it.

For the Gravy (salan k liyeh)

  • Red pepper powder-1 tbsp
  • Ground Pepper (garam masala)-1 tsp
  • Yogurt-1/2 cup
  • Onion-3
  • Ghee/Oil-1 cup
  • Coriander seeds Powder-2 tbsp
  • Ginger/Garlic Paste-1 tbsp
  • Salt-to taste

Cooking Method

  • Take a cooking bowl put oil, onion on it.
  • When onion turns golden in color then remove it from oil and put it over a pepper.
  • Take a yogurt mix up all the ingredients in it now beat it well.
  • Put yogurt mixture in oil and also onion (golden onion crushed) and cook it for a while.
  • Now Put Qoftay in it and also add 1 cup of water.
  • Now again cook it but not stir spoon in it just moved cooking bowl with your hands.
  • Again put 1 cup water and covered the bowl and leave it for 5 minutes over a slow flame.
  • Your Nargisi Qoftay are ready to serve… enjoy!!