“Kashmir is sure to witness the sunrise of freedom”


If Modi and India did not stop then the entire region will suffer, Said Firdous Awan

The Special Assistant to the Prime Minister of Pakistan said that the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had opted for the extremist ideology and it should thoughtfully consider the direction they have taken which is sure to be damaging to the region’s peace and prosperity.

She advised that the only solution to the disputed matter of Kashmir lay in the United Nations resolutions on the matter.


Firdous Awan thrashed the brutal occupation of the occupied land where people were not allowed to celebrate the religious festival of Eid which was curbed due to a strict curfew and communications blackout being imposed on the residents of the valley.

She further said that democratic and materialistic India has been massacred by Indian Prime Minister and the present government.

“The people residing in occupied Kashmir and people in Pakistan share a strong bond and their joy and sadness are interconnected”.
“Kashmir is sure to witness the sunrise of freedom,” said Firdous Awan.