Sajal Aly’s first appearance after removing ‘Ahad Mir’ from her Instagram name

Pakistani top Actress Sajal Aly has been spotted celebrating the Pakistan Day Parade held in Islamabad. Recently, Sajal Aly took to her social media handle and removed ‘Ahad Mir’ from her title Name and back to her maiden name.

 Sajal fans are happy to see her dive having a great time at the Pakistan Day Parade.


The internet gossiping about how Sajal Aly might be considering part ways with their better half and actor Ahad Raza Mir.


Assumptions regarding Sajal and Ahad’s separation have been buzzing over social media for quite some time. Ahad Raza didn’t attend Sajal’s younger sister, actress Saboor Aly’s wedding which made netizens depress and convinced that the couple is not on good terms.

The couple got married in March 2020 in Abu Dhabi. But we hope, their matters get resolved in a peaceful manner because we love you Sajal and Ahad!