Mood swings

We all women start dealing with mood swings at a very early stage in our life. Mood swing is simply a significant change in one’s mood or emotional state. Everybody has mood swings and they are a natural part of most people’s lives. We get happy, we get sad. We have a point of feeling on top of the world, and suddenly on the same day, we feel tired, lazy and beaten down.
Sometimes it’s felt like I have my mood swing since I was 5 years old hahaha. A couple of days back I was talking to one of my friend in Pakistan and I mention her that nowadays I’m having a mood swings and I don’t even finish my sentence yet and I get a trillion of questions which drag me in a very awkward situation, and the most highlighted or you can call it legendary question ” Oye koi good news to Nahi hai ” and I was like come on ……Not only pregnant women get mood swings, sometimes we all get in the zone where we don’t really what to continue the same routine anymore and we need a break from it. For this type of feeling having short holidays are best.

I don’t deny the fact that Mood swings in pregnancy are a very well-known condition, Perhaps the hormonal changes can be one of the reason. But I know some of my friend they don’t have or at least show any sign of mood swings throughout there pregnancy.

In everyday’s routine when your blood sugar level drops, this produces irritability in most people. You may start to snap excessively when someone asks you a question or gets in your way. Hunger can also cause tension and destructive behavior. You lose tolerance easily and can no longer bear things that used to roll off your back.

Having Small mood swings are a part of most people’s lives and we deal with them in everyday life, but if you’re facing some serious mood swings, then don’t waste time on google surfing for how to control your mood, just go to the GP and discuss your problems with her/him, they definitely tell you some exercise and therapies which will help you to control your moods.

Like all of us, we have pretty serious mood swings.

-Josh Silver