Having a good friend is a blessing of God especially in the current era, Unfortunately looking for a good friend is as hard as looking for a pin in a hay wagon. we may have dozen of friends but how many truly sincere with us.

It’s happened with everyone,even happen with me couple of time when I misjudged the other person because I want to believe we all adult now and it’s not like we are going to fight on pity thing like (you said that to her/him, you should not hang out with other groups people and blah blah blah) Literally it feels like “Back to high school” again.

There is a type of people we meet once in our life, And we used to call them friends, Yes! our friend “So Called Friends. I’m not going in detail but there is some point in my mind i want to share.

Picture Credit: https://www.pinterest.com.au/crybabyjo01/

1: vying Person
How big is your salary? How big is your house? Do you work? why don’t you have kids , where are you going for a vacation and many more questions like this. They don’t care if they make you uncomfortable. And believe me? They don’t care for the answers either. They just want to compare in the desire of being better than you.


2: Too Much Busy
Let just cut this crap “Busy” here Everybody is busy today. If you want to make some time for something or someone you know how to do this, It’s not rocket science. If a friend is constantly too busy for you, Maybe it’s time to reconsider that relationship. Before it’s hurt you deeply.

3: Judging others
They always criticize you on everything and must have something to let you down. this type of friends doesn’t really care how harsh words they are using in a soft tune. They Don’t know your struggle and challenges so it is easy for them to judge you on the surface, only true friend treasure your hard work and effort you put in your work, life and for family.


What i believe is don’t give up on finding true friends, maybe sooner or latter you will get your true best friend. Just like I get 🙂 and many of us already have. It’s better to be with friends who’re willing to be your friend just for you not for your success , money or what position you’ve in society. That’s a real friendship. These are the real people who will always be there for you.