Parizaad Episode 7 Review: Everything is not for sell

In the previous episode, we have seen that Saeeda was requiring some financial help as a loan from her elder brothers but they selfishly rejected her and her Bhabi advice her to ask Parizaad. Bubbly ran from the house to avoid marriage. And Nassaz bid farewell to Parizaad.

This episode starts with Parizaad, it’s a new beginning in Parizaad’s life. He enters the private university because as he gets a scholarship. The expressions on his face where he was scared and happy at the same time. Parizaad accidentally bumped into Lubna who is also a student, that meeting was not so pleasant. Lubna is a kind but very straightforward girl. She was preparing a stage drama in Urdu and wants to win the compilation at any cost. She was looking for a post for her play and here is finds Parizaad. She asks Him to help her at first Parizaad refused but then agreed to help her.

Parizaad wrote poetry for her, and with the help of him, she won the competition. Lubna is completely impressed with Parizaad’s simplicity, she offered him a friendship and tells him that he has very few friends and he is one of them. Parizaad tells her that he doesn’t think there is any comparison between them and has a huge class difference as well, but Lubna didn’t convince with this logic and said you are my friend and I don’t believe in such things and invites Parizaad for a party at her home.

On the other hand, Saeeda mother-in-law pressures her to asks her brothers to help her husband by giving her a share in the house. Saeeda again pleads with her brothers for money but they rejected her.

Parizaad went to Lubna’s home for the celebration, he was very happy and nervous at the same time. Lubna was very happy to see Parizaad and she introduced him to her mother, as expected her mother was quite rude to Parizaad and did not pay any attention to him. Parizaad can easily read her representations and wants to leave the party but Lubna asks him to stay.

Lubna Introduced Parizaad to her family friend Nauman and tells him how good a poet Parizaad is. Later, Nauman Sahab comes to Parizaad and offers him to sells his poetry him at any cost, Parizaad regrets the offer and left for the home. Parizaad’s expression says everything that how small, powerless and worthless that man words make him.

On the very next day, Parizaad visits Saeed’s home and accidentally heard Saeeda and Salam’s conversation.


Pari start a new chapter of his life all alone with no support or any kind of appreciation. From his family. Saeeda is going through a rough pact of her life were her brothers completely denied her on the advice of their wives. Lubna’s character looks promising and I’m sure she is going to teach a lot to Parizaad. I truly miss Nassaz in this episode. Specially, when Parizaad was waking all alone to home from the party when he has a lot to say but nobody to listens to. well, another episode ends with a powerful performance by Ali Akhbar.

Will Parizaad be able to sell his poetry to save her sister’s married life. Will he fall for Lubna? Or Parizaad finds a new friend in Lubna. Will ever Parizaad be able to get the respect he deserves.