Parizaad Episode 9 Review: Parizaad bid farewell to Saeeda

This episode begins with parizaad where he gets to know that wealth is the key to happiness. He asks his boss the workshop owner to suggest to him how to earn money fast and he suggested he go to Karachi and Dubai. Parizaad sees this as the only way to change his fate. He takes the approval from his brothers to go to Karachi and then Dubai. They were less worried about him and has no problem sending him to Karachi. 


Before fleeing to Karachi Parizaad had an imaginary conversation with Naheed which makes us the witness of Parizaad’s loneliness.

Parizaad bid farewell to Saeeda is very emotional and both siblings share a beautiful bond. Before leaving for Karachi Parizaad pleads Saleem to take care of saeeda and always stand by with her. He left the city for a new beginning.

Parizaad reaches Karachi and meets Shahjahan aka Janu. There is no doubt Big cities can be overwhelming and we can see that clearly on Parizaad’s face.

On the very next day, Parizaad’s meets the businessman Behroze Kareem, introduced by Janu. Behroze Kareem liked Parizaad’s name and hired him instantly. For the first time, Parizaad feels fate is on his side, but how long we don’t know.



Parizaad keeps learning how materialistic this world can be. He learns the hard part of life that money can buys happiness and love, but we all know it’s not completely true, yes we need money to have a decent life but money is not everything. We all get emotional when Parizaad says goodbye to Saeeda and the way he cries in Fort of Saleem for sake of her sister’s happiness was heartbreaking. I still don’t get the bhabies curiosity over Saeed’s life. We get to see a small glimpse of Nauman Eijaz as Behroze Kareem which was magical.

Let see what is a new lesson life going to teach him through Janu and Behroze Kareem.

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