Tere Bin Episode-19 and 20 Review: Is Meerub Falling For Murtasim


Murtasim’s accident brings chaos to the Khan’s House. Bakhtoo tells everything to Amma Begum when Murtasim strictly asks him to keep this all hidden from his mother. She accuses Meerub of his son’s critical condition. Amma Begum has thrown Meerub out of the house after getting to know all the details of Meerub’s ventures at the village from Bakhtoo.

Anwar took a stand for Meerub and reject to accept Amma Begum’s order, He said she will not leave the house, despite she will stay with me in my portion of this house if she desires. Meerub is feeling gravely guilty and she refuses to go with her parents to Karachi and moves in with Anwar ( meerub’s biological father) in his portion.


Meerub rushes to the hospital to see Murtasim but Amma begum doesn’t allows her to meet him while in his unconscious. Meerub wants to see Muratsim but she feels helpless. Murtasim keeps whizzing Meerub’s name while he was unconscious and this is driving Haya furious.

When Murtasim gains consciousness he instantly asks for Meerub. but Haya very cleverly convinces him by telling the bogus story that Meerub has left the house after a very small argument between amma begum and her. Due to Meerub’s past behaviour, Murtasim somehow believes what Haya said. This news completely shattered Murtasim’s heart.


The heartbroken Murtsaim sitting in her garden when Meerub so him from the window and runs to meet him but he was so angry with her that he refuses to listen to her side of the story and asks Meerub to leave the house as she is already decided to leave him, Meerub was broken to see him so cold-hearted behaviour toward her and she decides to go back to Karachi.

Mariam feels guilty and she tells Murtasim everything that actually happened between Amma Begum and Meerub, how wickedly she threw Meerub out of the house, and how Meerub was there for him all that time.


Murtasim run to stop Meerub and asks her to come with him, Anwar tries to stop Murtasim but he warms Anwar that don’t get into this, as Meerub is his wife and the matter is between husband and wife. Meerub silently follows Murtasim as never truly desired to leave the house. Murtasim brings Meerub back home.

Murtasim confronts her mother and threatens her and asks her not to repeat the past again, As he will not sit quietly next time.

As soon as Meerub back to Murtasim’s room her all guilt disappears away and her old self is back. One new improvement after the famous swimming pool scene, Meerub let Murtasim sleep on the bed.