Mohabbat Dagh Ki Soorat Drama: Story Review

Mohabbat Dagh Ki Soorat Drama Story Review

This is a Story of a young girl Shijrat, After the death of her father along with her mother she is forced to shift to her uncle’s (mother’s brother) house. Shijrat’s uncle’s house rules are a bit from her mainly because of her Cousin Afaq.

She is trying to settle in a new place especially after a huge loss of her life. Shijrat however still trying to overcome the grief and she wishes to follow her father’s dream of getting higher studies. Shijrat’s cousin, Afaaq’s conservative views soon will become a problem for her and makes the life around her full of limitations however, she continues to resist the norms.

Sanaan comes from a respectable and influential family,  who is Shijrat’s batchmate at the academy. Sanaan’s faces a tragedy a few months earlier makes him a soft target for humiliation in society. Shijrat is a kind-hearted girl and this nature pulls her closer to Sanaan and besides their social status difference, they soon fall in love with each other.

Afaq is an egoist man who has some reservations about women. He is an elder son of his family and Shijrat’s cousin. He is married but has no children yet. Afaq is not in favor of the idea about Phupoo and her daughter Shijrat comes to live with them but his father asks him not to interfere in his decisions.

As their life progresses, an unexpected turn brings a huge storm and destroys everything in their life. All of their happiness, love, and trust vanishes in a second while the misunderstandings and insidious antics by those closer to them make it even more challenging for them to survive.

Will Sanaan and Shijrat’s loving and trustworthy relationship stand the test of time? Will Afaq ever understand his mistakes and be able to change his way of thinking?

This drama was written by Saira Raza, Direct by Zeeshan Ahmed, and Produced by Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi and the Production House,7th Sky Entertainment.

Mohabbat Dagh Ki Soorat drama Cast :

  • Sami Khan
  • Neelum Muneer
  • Syed Jibran
  • Sunita Marshall
  • Arez Ahmed
  • Rashid Farooqui
  • Fazila Qazi
  • Asma Abbas
  • Kinza Malik
  • Azra Moinuddin
  • Sajid Shah
  • Humera Bano
  • Erum Akhter
  • Kamran Jeelani
  • Tipu Sharif
  • Aleezay Zaid