Who Imam Hussain RA is and what is his relationship to the Prophet of Allah PBUH?

imam hussain

Hazrat Fatima RA was the daughter of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. She was married to Sher-e-Khuda Hazrat Ali RA, who was also the cousin of Prophet Muhammad PBUH and was with him from the first day of Islam. Imam Hussain RA was the son of these two noble personalities. He was the grandson of Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Imam Hussain RA life was humbleness personified. Besides his heritage, Imam Hussain was himself a man of excellent character. Despite all of his moral perfection, Imam Hussain (RA) had no air of privilege and never threw the weight of himself onto his companions. If only we could be a fraction as humble.

Imam Hussain RA life should be that of exercising patience, even when things are not going your way. From the breach of contract that initiated tensions with Muawiyah to the time he was denied water at the banks of Euphrates, Imam Hussain never let go of his hold on patience.


Imam Hussain (RA) never back down from his rightful stand. Even he was offered to maintain allegiance to Yazid in return for the security of the life of him and his family on several occasions, at Karbala. However, Imam Hussain (RA) knew it would oppose the principles of Islam and stayed on his decision. when Yazid saw that Hazrat Imam Hussain RA was not going to support him in a proposal to make him caliph. He used different techniques to forcefully change his decision, like, Hazrat Imam Hussain RA was barred him from taking water from River. It was a famous and sympathetic incident that when Hussain RA came out from his camp with Ali Asghar RA to seek water for them, who were thirsty in reply to his request, the oppressors threw an error and martyred Hazrat Ali Asghar RA. Allahu Akbar.

The slogan “Ya Ali Ya Hussain” is a famous slogan that use to speak many times, particularly in the days of Muharram. The purpose of this slogan is to show solidarity to the grandson of Prophet Muhammad and his father, Hazrat Ali RA.

Imam Hussain RA was martyred in Karbala when he headed to Kufa. It was a very tragic incident that left a permanent impact on Muslims.