Six-year-old child raped and murdered in Karachi


A six-year-old child has been raped and murdered in Karachi’s Korangi 36-G.

A duty officer registered a missing person complaint and a police party was sent to the site where the child was last seen. “A message was also communicated on wireless to the city police along with facial and others details of the child for her recovery,” Malik said. 


Her family members along with the police were searching for the child, when the police received information regarding the presence of a body near Ghaus Park situated within the jurisdiction of the Zaman Town police station.

“Examination revealed that the child was raped before the murder,” JPMC Additional Police Surgeon Dr Sumaiyya Syed shared. The child’s neck bone was broken and it has been confirmed that she was subjected to “violent vaginal and anal intercourse”

The APS added that a woman medico-legal officer collected four swab samples for DNA and semen serology.


“The police have found a witness who told us that he saw some people throwing something out of a rickshaw near Ghaus Park,” District Korangi Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Shahjahan Khan told SAMAA Digital. When the witness went to see it, he saw that it was the body of a child. He then called the police and told them about it.

The police suspect that someone close to the victim’s family may have abducted and murdered her.