Vitamin C, skin’s best friend

vitamin c for skin
Vitamin C, your skin’s best friend

Nowadays, we all love to buy creams and serums for our skin, especially vitamin C products. But, applying vitamin C to your skin is not enough. Eating the right amount of vitamin C foods is what does the magic.
Using Vitamin C on your skin does surprise you. However, applying vitamin c products is not sufficient. Good sources of vitamin C include citrus fruits, papaya, dark leafy vegetables, kiwis, peppers, and more in your meals helps you maintaining this nutrient in the body and skin.

Benefits of vitamin C for your skin and body:

Healing Wounds

Vitamin C helps the body form new collagen, so it is an important antioxidant for wound healing.

Vitamin C Protects Skin From Sun Damage

Dehydration makes your skin dull and dark. Vitamin C helps in lightening your skin, removes tan, and makes your skin glowing.


Boost Collagen

Vitamin C encourages the production of new collagen and maintains the collagen you have. As you grow older, the body slows down collagen production.

Fights Signs of Aging and Wrinkles

Vitamin C is a powerful ingredient present in anti-aging creams. Include the Citrus fruits like berries, lemon, orange are essential sources of vitamin C in meals for slow aging. People who get more vitamin C are likely to have fewer wrinkles.


Brightens Dark Spots

Applying it on skin can prevent dark spots from forming. Vitamin C helps to lighten the patches, and blemishes called hyperpigmentation. Also, it helps in whitening the skin and making it smooth and glowing.