Best Chinese Drama To Watch On Netflix


Holidays are here, and if you are looking for a better way to ring in the holidays, then start watching some of the best romantic Chinese dramas on Netflix. Grab some snacks make some popcorn, and be ready to check out the top five best Romantic Chinese dramas on Netflix.

The Rational Life

Shen Ruo Xin (Qin Lan)is a thirty-something professional who decides to take a stand against unfair societal expectations At her workplace she finds herself drawn to two different men – one her trusted. Her young assistant Qi Xiao ( daylen wang) take a stand for her and decide to be her side no matter what happens. This is a story of a man and woman from two different generations fall in love with each other.


Ashes of Love

This series shows us how true love can be so strong that it can go against faith and overcome every obstacle, though sometimes a heavy price must be paid. Zifen, the Flower Deity, dies after giving birth to a daughter, Jinmi. She foresaw a prophecy that her daughter will suffer a great love trial within the first ten thousand years of her life. Therefore, before dying she gives Jinmi a magical pellet that prevents her from feeling and expressing romantic love. Jinmi grows up in the Flower Realm, living as a low-level immortal. Her peaceful life is interrupted when she encounters the Fire Deity, Xufeng, who lives in the Heavenly Realm.


Meteor Garden

An ordinary girl is admitted to the most prestigious school in the country where she encounters F4, an exclusive group comprised of the four wealthiest and handsomest boys in the school – Dao Ming Si, Hua Ze Lei, Xi Men and Mei Zuo. Shan Cai is an 18-year-old girl from a family that’s barely able to make ends meet. Due to a turn of events, she gets accepted into a school that only accepts the upper class elites. She immediately clashes with her classmates especially Dao Ming Si who is spoiled, arrogant and a bully. She remains defiant even after becoming a target of a series of pranks intended to torment her and just when she’s about to give up, Hua Ze Lei always seems to show up to lend her a helping hand.


The Princess Weiyoung

The Princess Weiyoung is also an adaptation from a novel. Based on The Poisonous Daughter, Qin Jian’s novel about a real-life empress, the story is set in the chaotic Sixteen Kingdoms period and tells us the story of Feng Xin’er, a kindhearted royal princess. Because of the greed of others, almost the entire royal family is slaughtered, and the princess is left all alone. She then accidentally enters her enemy’s palace and takes Li Wei Young’s identity (the daughter of the prime minister).


Find Yourself

Find Yourself centers around He Fanxing (Victoria Song), a 32-year old woman who has never dated, and the intern 10 years her junior, Yuan Song (Song Weilong) who pursues her. Although Fanxing genuinely likes him, she is aware of what family friends and society would say about their relationship. Her parents are anxious for her to get married, while her twin brother He Canyang (Zhang Yujian) has a never-ending stream of girlfriends. Meanwhile, her two best friends, Xiao Xue and Song Xue, have different relationship situations. At work, He Fanxing faces uncertainty as the company she works for is potentially being acquired.

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