Pehli Si Mohabbat Episode 26 Review: Zainab’s tragic exit

Pehli Si Mohabbat Episode 26 Review

 In the previous episode, we have seen that Sikandar is still having hopes for getting Zainab back. on the other hand, we see Sikandar has beaten Aslamvery badly, Akram goes to Faizullah’s house and he asks Rakshi’s Rishta for Aslam in the most respectful way. Akram pleads to Faizullah not to let Rakshi’s life be ruined like what he did with Zainab.


This episode is completely dedicated to Zainab’s tragic end in this story. It’s very astonishing how Faiz Ullah moved close to Zainab’s home and finally the way Sikandar found out that Zainab was no more.

The whole situation had been executed so well that there was nothing dull about it.
Zainab’s exit from the story was expected since she had been speaking about death in every episode. This was an emotional episode that changed the story’s course and began the 2nd part of the drama.

The performance of the hospital scenes has been quite odd because the person who’s in such a critical condition omits it in the room unattended. The way Arif’s character was used to break the devastating news was actually surprising. By the end of the episode,


Zainab was one of the most impactful roles of the drama, she deserves a more immeasurable exit and a good screen time for her final scenes in the episode.

Rakhshi’s wedding celebrations ended with the Sikandar running away as soon as he heard the Zainab’s death news. Faiz Ullah was more than willing to get his daughter married to Aslam.

Despite that Sikandar’s personality has been so poisonous but I truly felt his pain in this episode. Everybody acted so effectively in these scenes and added an extra simulation to making this episode heartfelt and effective.