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MQM founder charged over ‘hate speech’ in UK


The MQM has controlled politics in Karachi for three decades because of its supported by the descendants of Muslim Urdu-speaking people known as Mohajirs who migrated to Pakistan from India around the time of the partition of India in 1947.

MQM altaf hussain arrested in uk
The Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) founded in 1984 by Altaf Hussain

The MQM founder, Altaf Hussain,66, was taken into police custody and later produced before the Westminster Magistrates’ Court, where he was granted conditional bail.

MQM founder Altaf hussain

The conditions of his bail include a bar on him to broadcast any speeches and remaining at his residence for a restricted amount of time each night. He also cannot apply for a travel document and his passport will remain in police custody.

After Hussain appeared before judge Emma Arbuthnot, the charge against him was read out. He pleaded not guilty.


The UK Police said: The speech had been relayed from London to crowds gathered in Karachi on 22 August 2016.

Violence erupted after the speech when MQM activists and police clashed in Karachi, Pakistan’s biggest city.

MQM l Hussain was arrested at his address in north London on 11 June. He appeared in court and was granted bail.

Correspondents say he is a maverick politician who has encouraged a personality cult to build up around him.


Mr Hussain would address supporters of his MQM party via telephone From his base in London. His messages would be relayed to crowds by loudspeaker.

altaf hussain arrested in UK

The Pakistani authorities have repeatedly demanded action be taken against him – but his supporters have always maintained his innocence.

The next hearing of the case will be held at the Central Criminal Court on November 1.

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