Asma Abbas shared her story of love and marriage with a married man


Asma Abbas is famously known for her versatile acting career in the Pakistani Tv industry. Recently the video of an old interview with Abbas went viral in which she was seen talking about her married life.

She shared how she tied the knot with a man who has already been married to someone else for ten years and very much in love with her first wife.


Asma shared with the host of the show. “He had no kids, and his family used to pressurize him to have kids since he belonged to a feudal background.” You know how it works in such cases. The elders want a child to carry on the family name.


There was no absence of love or misunderstanding between her husband and his first wife.”He used to tell his first wife, ‘Even if I do have to marry for the next ten lives, I would always choose you’,” Asma Abbas added.

Then one day he saw me, that’s when he suddenly changed. we got married within two months of their first meeting.


“I was around 23-years-old,” when we first met. “He knows his way around words. He’s very handsome, had colored eyes, an army officer.
Everything a girl looks for in a man.
I was fascinated by him. I was infatuated by him. When I saw the uniform, I agreed as well. He was caring. He gave me a car when mine wasn’t working.”


Her bold and some, rather confusing revelations raised quite a few eyebrows about the extent to which celebrities should share their private lives on public platforms.


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