Happy and Healthy lifestyle

Nowadays depression becomes very common problem. 7 out of 10 is suffering from depression, some of them knows about that and some of them had no idea what is going on. Depression is more than just feeling “down. it’s a very serious problem that shouldn’t be ignored.

what Cause the “Depression”


There are many things that can be a reason of depression.

Work:The demands of Business/job/home and work are competing and exceed your ability to keep them balanced or try to make everyone happy.

Relationship:Having a bad relationship with people in your life.

Conflict:Depression may result from personal conflicts or disputes with family members, friends, job or business issues.

Weight gain:Some people get depressed with they gain weight and some people gain weight when they’re depressed. Both are related to bad lifestyle.

Living style: Living style playing a major role in your life, if you are not caring a healthy lifestyle that is also cause you different type of depressions and other disease.

We can try to change our lifestyles, eating habits, working habits to avoids such situations.

Happy and healthy lifestyle

healthy lifestyle is a key of your happiness. you will enjoy everything if you feel good. There is some suggestions like;

Go Outside: Go outside in sun. And walk for 20 minutes at least. The sun helps your body produce vitamin D and the fresh air will help you to have good and positive thoughts.

Eat well :  Avoid all type of Junk food and start eating healthy meals. Add more vegetables and nourish food items in your meals.

Do Exercise : Start with a very easy body exercise like Walk, cycling and swimming. Exercise will help your brain to feel happy.

Meditation: Take 10 minutes for a simple seated meditation. This will help you spiritually. Meditation will remove all the negative thoughts from your mind.

Sleep well: Getting enough sleep will enable you to do your best work and help you handle daily challenges. If you sleep for less than seven hours per night it can greatly affect your health, even if you are just a little sleep-deprived.

love your self enough to

live a healthy  lifestyle!