Top 5 best books for kids age 9-11 kids

1. The List.

Book cover belongs to Patricia Forde.

‘The List’ is a great book to read, at parts it makes you feel like you’re actually inside the book, the book contains adventures, plan-making, gaining allies and so much more! I don’t want to spoil it for anybody and continue, so I recommend reading the book and writing down on what you think about it! (10 out of 10 for adventurous readers)

2. A Tale Of Magic

A Tale of Magic... (A Tale of Magic, #1) by Chris Colfer
This book cover belongs to the book Illustrator, Brandon Dorman

This book is a magnificent book for people who live for fantasy and magic, also can be a great book to read before sleeping and to dream about, and every time you put the book down, you wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about the next event which is possible and want to keep reading and reading, this book is absolutely magical for bright minds and creative people!


3. Dogman

This book cover belongs to Dav Pilkey

I can guess either your little sibling, cousin or even child has mentioned this book atleast more than once. It boosts your creativity and at the end of every book, it has “How to draw” pages. And it’s amazing to read when you’re bored and need something to read. Overall this book will entertain you for days. So go ahead and buy it!

4. The Weir Do series

Weir Do’s Book cover

The Weir Do series is a intriguing yet funny series, especially how they made it into a comic book. Their series is really funny because of how the layout is, and especially the characters inside the book, the whole family is odd and weird which builds to the humour and story, most recommended if you like humor and comics!


5. Harry Potter

Harry Potter is an awesome series, also incredibly for it’s movies. The series are also for fantasy and magical readers, it builds up your imagination, vocabulary and your ability to read more chapter books slowly. The first book is sort of small but a good side for a book but the last book is amazingly big! It builds up from a small and nice chapter book to an huge and incredible book! Love it a lot, and I bet you will too!

And that’s “Top 5 books” ! Buy your kids, siblings or cousins one of these books, they’ll surely get into it and love it so mcuh! Leave a comment on what you think of these book.