Sadaf Kanwal from home-wrecker Pakistan’s favourite bhabhi

Shahroz Sabzwari interview

Popular model Sadaf Kanwal has become an internet sensation after her recent interview on a local TV channel went viral. When Sadaf quoted, “Our culture is our husband”.


During this interview, when asked about her views on Aurat March and feminism, Sadaf said, “Our culture is our husband. I married him, which means I have to pick up his shoes and iron his clothes. I know where all of Shahroz’s things are and what and when he has to eat. I need to know these things because I am his wife and I am a woman. He doesn’t have to know the same about me. This is what I believe because this is what I’ve grown up seeing. This feminism that has become a part of our lives, it’s because of liberals,” Said Sadaf Kanwal.


Shahroz also add his thoughts on her statement. what a woman can do, a man cannot. That is the role solely of a woman. Both of them need to understand their place. God has designated particular roles for each. Otherwise, why would almighty have made two separate kinds of people.

Shahroz further added, Men and women think differently. If they both respect each other’s space and their level, that’s equality to me. Some men think they are exceptional husbands and that their wives are not. Then there are women who tell men, I am everything you are. I think both of these are extremes. God has given you your place and both of you can excel in your designated roles.


On the question about Item song Sadaf performed in past, She quickly replied, When you’re younger, there are a lot of things that you don’t understand, you end up wearing those clothes and doing that work, and when you begin to understand, the time has changed. I don’t think I’ll wear those clothes or do that kind of work again.