Khuda Aur Mohabbat Ep-26 Review: When Mahi meets Farhad

Khuda Aur Mohabbat review

The previous episode begins with Mahi telling Rida she shouldn’t have said the things she did to Sikandar and wonders what he must think of her. She’s visibly upset and shattered and despite that, she says she has no problems of any kind. Sikandar returns home from Romana’s place and is positively surprised to see his mother’s changed equation with Mahi. He thanks Mahi for winning over his mother’s heart.

Tonight episode start with Sikandar’s kids and his mother being sad about Mahi would have to leave the haveli soon aftar her iddat.Haveli’s maids give an idea to Mahi’s mother-in-law to get Mahi married to Sikandar so she can stay here forever. Somehow she also liked the idea but was not sure how to put this proposal in front of Mahi, So she tells her that she’s worried about Sikandar who keeps spending time with Romana.

Mahi takes a big step and secretly meets Romana. Mahi tells her she should leave Sikandar and forget about him. A heartbroken Romana leaves with the promise that she would never meet Sikandar again.


Mahi’s mother-in-law listens to the entire conversation. Firstly Mahi assumes she will be angry with her but her mother-in-law was quite happy with what she has done and says Mahi is the daughter she never had.

Romana comes back home completely heartbroken and tells Chandaji that she doesn’t want to live here anymore. After meeting with Mahi, she has understood someone like her isn’t meant to be someone’s wife, mother, and daughter-in-law. Chanda ji says, she will go with her wherever Romana goes.


Finally, the day comes Mahi’s iddat ends, her mother-in-law takes her to the Mazar to distribute food and clothes between the needy people. When Mahi was distributing the foods she comes face to face with Farhad who was sitting there like a needy or a beggar. The two look at each other in confusion, taking a second to register that they see each other.

Finally, Mahi and Farhad met each other but still, we all know there is no happy ending for them. Because Mahi’s mother-in-law tells Sikandar that she wants him to marry Mahi. Sikandar rejects the concept of marrying her but his mother tells him to do it for her well-being.