Usman Mukhtar and Mehrooz Waseem blame each other for harassment

Mehrooz Waseem side of Story

Soon after, Mehrooz Waseem, an artist and emerging singer, songwriter, has provided context to what Mukhtar may be referring to. Sharing a statement on her Instagram, which she claims was submitted by her to the FIA, Waseem wrote in the caption, “This was my statement to the FIA after which he refused to pursue the criminal defamation case he had filed against me or give me a public apology.

Mehrooz Waseem claimed that he would share intimate details about his life and former relationships in in-person meetings, including details about his future project, the “type of women” he was attracted to and the “hottest women of the entertainment industry,” instead of discussing the project at hand. Waseem claimed Mukhtar’s “gossip” about the women he had dated proved he was “sexist” and “misogynistic”. 


According to Mehrooz, Usman was taken on to direct a video for her song Azaad in 2016. I initially expressed my hesitance to work with him, due to the extremely high charges which I could not afford but then agreed to work with him after he convinced me that his rates were reasonable and had willingly offered me a discount.” She said Usman was “extremely unethical, arrogant and difficult”.

Mehrooz responded to the screenshot of her message to Usman (which he has posted with his statement) by saying, “I was trauma bonding with him, it is common for victims to feel responsible for their abusers’ actions. Please do not do this. It took me a long time to heal.”


On the other hand, Mukhtar has requested for people to “find out facts before jumping to conclusions.” He has requested people to stop sending Mehrooz “abusive and offensive” messages. According to reports, he is going to file a defamation suit against the singer. 

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