Taimoor’s journey to return Rahul’s lost wallet in London


A guy Ghazi Taimoor from Lahore, who lives in London suddenly came across a brown wallet on the streets of Shoreditch. He went above and beyond to find its owner.

Ghazi Taimoor, a Pakistani living in London, came across a brown wallet, full of bank cards belonging to a certain Rahul, on Shoreditch High street. Taimoor then took to Twitter and vowed to return the wallet back to its rightful owner and took the social media users on a hunt to find Rahul.


Taimoor started his hunt by trying to find Rahul on various social media platforms, but it was a dead end. “No Rahul R****** on Facebook or Instagram. Very private individual with no social media. Common Rahul, could do better than that,” he wrote jokingly.

He then went on the professional networking platform, LinkedIn, to try out his luck and came across three profiles, of which one worked in London. But the account was locked and the kind man couldn’t reach out to him.

While ordinary folks might have given up at this point, Taimoor being Taimoor didn’t stop there. Undeterred, he tried to look for Rahul’s office address next!


This time, Google Maps failed in throwing up Rahul’s office address. Will Taimoor give up now? No way. He stumbled on something useful. “Found the address on their Annual accounts filed on Companies House. I’m one step closer to Rahul. Head office in Shoreditch.”

This is where things got really interesting. In his Twitter posts now, a delighted Taimoor was now using Bollywood references, starting with, you guessed it, the industry’s most popular Rahul: Shah Rukh Khan.


We found Rahul. Finance Manager. He’s in shock. Tears in his eyes,” he tweeted, sharing an image of the brown wallet’s owner.

Garnering 11,000 likes on Twitter, Taimur’s journey was applauded not just for the exciting twists and turns but for representing Pakistan and its citizens as people full of kindness. He thanked everyone for the love they sent his way.


Taimoor then expressed his gratitude on Twitter and shared, “I’m slightly teary-eyed Pleading face as I type this, but I’m GRATEFUL for so much kindness and love I’ve received from strangers in this past one day. It’s been a terribly tough year for us all and it’s little acts of kindness that make this world a better place to live in.”

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