I have been harassed, blackmailed and bullied, Usman Mukhtar


Pakistani finest and elegant actor Usman Mukhtar took to his Instagram on Tuesday to declare he had been a victim of harassment. At the hands of a co-worker for over a year.

Usman Mukhtar believed that the dispute began after he worked on this colleague’s music video as a director, but due to creative differences, he didn’t end up taking credit for the job, which eventually led to the said, ‘harassment’. Mukhtar also stated he has substantial proof to back up his claims.

“I have been harassed, blackmailed and bullied online for one and a half year by this woman,” Mukhtar shared in a post, which added, “The harassment was reported to the FIA.” He stated that the FIA had to deal with a person who did not have the original address on their records “which is criminal on its own.” Mukhtar claimed that it took FIA a year to locate this person and another six months to summon her, despite having called her multiple times.


Usman also said, Many people are struggling with recent events and this is not my time, My intention is not to take away from the valid fears and threats women face every day, rather, it is to clear the air so people don’t exploit the situation for their own false and unfolded gains.

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