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I don’t mind Firdous Jamal’s opinion: Hareem Farooq

hareen farooq boycotting LSA and say respect mahira khan

Hareem Farooq has recently appeared in Say It All with Iffat Omar web show. where on a question about Mahira Khan and Firdous Jamal’s recent controversy she answers that I will side both absolutely because It wasn’t their fault, it was portrayed wrongly as Mahira Khan was linked into it when everything was resolved.

She said I don’t mind Firdaus Jamal’ s opinion, she said we need to honor our people said, Hareem Farooq.


Iffat Omar second her point of view about mistreating seniors and said we distance our seniors so much and our industry has dropped them. So whenever they see a small possibility they express their views. If we will start to honor them and giving them what they deserve this would never happen again.


Hareem Farooq further said we need to give our living legends their respect and acknowledge they deserve and this will improve us all we will get more positivity.

Well, Hareem has earned a tremendous amount of respect by giving respect to both of them, however, many big celebrities from Pakistani showbiz ware failed to give a logical statement on this issue and disrespect the senior actor on a different platform.


What you think about this hareem Farooq’s opinion. let us know in a comment box.


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