Zara Noor Abbas took the spotlight of Maya Ali’s “Balma Bhagora”

maya ali balma bhagora

Another cheap copy of any Bollywood song “Balma Bhagora”

Maya Ali and Shehryar Munawar’s movie Paray Hut Love is set to release on Eid this year. The song Balma Bhagora is sung by Aima Baig and it is only a promotional song of the movie.

In this song, you will see Maya Ali , Shehryar Munawwar,Ahmad Ali Butt and Zara Noor Abbas. As soon as Zara Noor Abbas comes to the screen she took the whole spotlight and make you watch the song till the end.

Shehryar Munawwar Ahmad Ali Butt and Zara Noor maya ali  Abbas in balma bhagora

The editing of the song is also being massively criticized. Maya Ali was a main dancer of the song but surprisingly, Zara Noor Abbas is getting all the appreciation from the audience, not Maya Ali. Zara Noor took the spotlight with her dressing and perfect dance moves.

Shehryar Munawwar Ahmad Ali Butt Zara Noor Abbas

Maya Ali has lost her dressing sense in this song she was wearing a Pink one-side split lehenga with black long boots(really). Maya Ali has put a lot of effort and focus on her looks and dressing and totally forget about the dance.

Shehryar Munawwar  maya ali Zara Noor Abbas

We have no idea what Shehryar Munawar was exactly doing there. Zara Noor Abbas and Ahmad Butt are the saviours of this song. Their screen appearance and energy is on the spot.

It won’t wrong to say Zara Noor Abbas was a star of the song. What you think about this song comment and share.