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Mohsin Abbas Haider’s shameless response to Fatima Sohail for getting khula

fatima sohail

Fatima Sohail has registered for Divorce from Mohsin Abbas Haider. She has blamed Mohsin Haider for abusing her. She described in the court that her spouse has an extramarital relationship with Nazish Jahangir and due to this reason she does not want to continue this marriage. Fatima asked the court to accept her khula case.


Mohsin abbas haider shamelessly posted on his social media account that he is finally free from the torture he was bearing for 4 years of marriage. He said that he kept himself quiet because Fatima was in his “Nikkah”. He quoted by saying that he can’t live with a lair and accused his wife by saying “she does parties, drug and have an extramarital affair” and I will provide the evidence if require.


Mohsin stated, he can write a book about his four toxic years which he spent with his wife. He even called that Fatima’s family is loathsome. Mohsin Haider shamelessly said he is thankful to God after discovering the”great” news about khula.


In July 2019, Fatema Sohail had posted on Facebook saying the events started from November last year when she claims she found out Mohsin Haider is cheating on her. Mohsin Abbas Haider had discussed the accusations in a press conference afterward, refusing all claims.


“Despite, inside a police report given in the court of Additional Sessions Judge Azeem Shaikh concerning the domestic violence case against actor Mohsin Abbas Haider, the investigation officer found Haider guilty of hurling threats against his wife Fatema Sohail”.

Fatima sohail mohsin haider

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