My Unexpected Encounter with Pakistani Movie Trailer “Roundabout “


The movie roundabout trailer will literally give you goosebumps

Pakistani movie Roundabout by Arbaaz Khan is a seems like a disaster so far.The hero+producer+director is not ready to accept his time is gone have no idea of acting, they need to give chance to new talents.

Comedy was over, boring and the songs are a cheap copy of Bollywood Movie Mohabbatian. Please, somebody, ask our PM Of Pakistan to charge a fine to make such a disaster movie like Roundabout. Movies like that literally give you a migraine.

I don’t know what they were thinking while making this movie. Pakistani audiences are smart and we know what is worth watching or not. We want movies like Jananan , tefa in trouble, bin roye, jawani phir nahi ani,Panjab nahi jaongi and many more like this.
I’m sharing the link down below, watch and share what you think.


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