Bilal’s Dance will reminds you Deol brothers

Bilal’s Cringe Dance Moves in Dharak Bharak is not go well with audieance.


Bilal’s Dance will remind you Deol brothers dance moves, where you have to tolerate the gymnastic moves. This unnecessary song destroyed the bilal’s personality. You don’t need this type of songs to boost your movies, all you need is good script perfect screenplay and great actors. When I saw Bilal first time in Jannan movie I was so moved with his style and macho appearance but this song is a cheap copy of Ranvir’s Tattad Tattad song. precisely why did he remove his shirt and what’s the deal with the Neckless and I have no idea what exactly Kubra Khan trying to do there.

I don’t want to completely blame Bilal Ashraf he gave his best and tried to meet with Directors demands, however its time for Directors to realize how to use an actors potential on a right way, not everyone needs to be dancing star in the movie and putting a factor to being shirtless is not going to hit your song you need perfect dance and unique lyrics and a magical voice. Seriously the most pathetic song and choreography.

Dharak Bharak song is from “Superstar” movie and this movie set to release on Eidul Azha.

Well, I hope Pakistani directors stop copying Bollywood Keep our culture in check before copying everything from others. What you think about this song.

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