Pakistani Bloggers You should follow

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Ted Turner

Pakistan is no less than any other country when it comes to YouTube. There is a long list of successful YouTubers in Pakistan who will make you laugh, then some make you angry, there is some who show you a different side of Pakistan and some will assist you to learn makeup and help you to cook food with there videos, and some will give you there expert advice on politics and current affairs, and some will help you to become a video blogger like them.
Today I’m talking about some of these Pakistani YouTubers who earned a huge fan following in YouTube industry with there unique and versatile talent not only in Pakistan but all over the world.

1 Ducky Bhai
When its come to roasting on YouTube there is no competition of him, he is the King of roasting. He doesn’t need any controversy or scandals to be in limelight.his has a unique style of roasting which earned him huge success. His youtube channel has a total of 1,301,205 subscribers and this will not wrong to say he is one of the most influential youtube in Pakistan.

Ducky bhai and sham idress
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2 Raza Samo aka KhujLee Family
Raza Samo is one of the popular YouTuber in Pakistan. Raza samo has a remarkably funny sense of humor and a unique style of talking which make his videos more interesting. If you like comedy Tarka on daily life facts then you’re going to love his videos. Raza Samo has earned a huge fan following on youtube he has 1,039,523 subscribers.

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3 Junaid Akram
Our “Khalliwalli” Junaid Akram is a Pakistani stand-up comedian and now a popular social media Personality, who is using comedy to address serious social problems. Junaid Akram has his own Unique style of Speaking full humor, sarcasm and mockery. He is one of the Youtuber who speaks with facts about politics, cricket, entertainment industry, and other social problems. Junaid Akram has 280,225 subscribers on youtube.

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4 Sana’s Bucket
Sana’s Bucket is the fastest growing female Youtubers from Pakistan. She is popular for her cute and funny content with Panjabi accent. Sana is very first female roaster from Pakistan. This will not wrong to say that she is the face of Women empowerment in Pakistani Society. she has 297,746 subscribers on her youtube channel.

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5 Kitchen with Amna
Kitchen with Amna is one of the most famous cooking Youtube channel in Pakistan. Amna has become the first female Youtube from Pakistan to cross 1 million subscribers on YouTube. If you like Pakistani and Continental cuisine then Kitchen with Amna is a perfect channel for you to learn cooking.

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