Ayeza Khan, Danish Taimoor celebrate their 7th wedding anniversary


Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor, celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary on Aug. 8, They got married in 2014, and have two children

Both Ayeza and Danish have shared a picture of each other on their respective social media accounts with a heartfelt note.


Today, is the date all my stars aligned, the 8th always takes me back to 2014, to our special day. Danish, you’re a man of substance, love and a treasure to cherish.
It’s been 7 long years, MashAllah. Happy Anniversary – Ayeza


Danish Taimoor also shared a gorgeous photo of Ayeza Khan as an ode to his lady love, writing, “7 years ago, on this very date, I saw you in your wedding dress, a radiant vision, beautiful and sublime, and to this day I look at you with the very same awe, as if it’s the first time we met. This is an ode to you and to our story Happy Anniversary.”

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