Rang Mahal Last Episode: Review: Worst climax

Rang Mahal has been directed by Zahid Mehmood and written by Shafia Khan under the banner of 7th Sky entertainment. Sattar by Humayun Ashraf, Sehar Khan and Ali Ansari. Rang Mahal became the topmost trend after airing on television and trend on YouTube every day.


The last episode of Rang Mahal was aired and viewers simply rejected the climax. fans and viewers didn’t like the fact that Mahpara a girl who has such a strong personality and sense of right or wrong, again fell in love with a loser like Rayed who falsely accuses her throughout the serial and never trusted her, but she seems so desperate towards Rayeed.


Fans were expected that Mahapara to move on in life with Salaar who always loved and supported Maahpara and teach Rayeed a life lesson but what to say, the writer makes Mahapara a despo who can easily forgive a loser like Rayeed who treated her like a doormat.

Viewers completely disliked the climax as they thought that the writer send the wrong message through the drama for girls that chose a person like Rayed who always looks down and never takes any stand for Mahpara.


It was not expected from a woman like Mahapara who shines through the serial and trend to the internet for her strong and brave attitude, was ending up choosing a man like Rayeed over Salaar who is a true gentleman.

Well, it feels like the writer was in hurry to end the serial and make Mahapa forget everything evil Rayeed and his family did to her, and because of that, she lost her father and her reputation.

What do you have to say about the climax of Rang Mahal.