Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay Episode 5 Review

Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Episode 5 Review

In the previous episode, we have seen Mashal reaching a new level of viciousness making Mehreen’s life hell, and not only Mashal but the whole house who conspires against Mehreen all the time. Mehreen and Aswad’s scenes were a relief in the play, in such a depressing episode.

This episode starts with Aswaad and her mother discussed Mehreen’s position in Nani’s house but Aswad thinks it’s Mehreen who doesn’t want to accept the family.

Mehreen meets Safi and his mother at her friends’ house. Safi’s mother asks Mehreen about her family and, learns that Mehreen’s mother is remarried after her father dies. She also tells Mehreen that Safi also lost his father when he was a child, and she never thinks of getting married again for the sake of Safi.

Mehreen went to her Phupoo house and surprisingly meets Aswad, as phupoo was not home. She wants to leave but Aswad asks her to stay and had a coffee with him, He also gives a watch to her and is about to ask her to drop bad habits (what Mashal told him). Mashal saw them together moreover gets angry and asks Aswad to stay away from Mehreen, but Aswad refuses to listen to her. For the first time, Aswad sees a flick of Mashal’s real face and gets shocked.

Angrily Mashaal went home and search Mehreen’s room and again she read her diary and learn Mehreen’s anxiety-related Safi. Mashal is as evil as a witch, along with her mother is doing all possible attempts to demean Mehreen in front of Aswad and now her new target is Safi (safaan).

Later, Mashal calls Aswad at first he regrets but then calls her back and comfort her about her behavior, where Mashal confuses her affection for him. Mashal Asks him if he likes Mehreen?

Aswad gets offended by such a question and answers, I would never think that way for Mehreen and not even for you, Mashal gets shocked by his answer.


Why Mehreen leaves her diary just like that when she wrote down such important information in it. Aswad has to learn things on his own about Mehreen and needs to stop trusting Mashal. I don’t understand one thing why Aswad does not listen to his mother who keeps saying that Mehreen is such a good girl. I think this is the right time for Aswad’s mother to set down and tells him everything about Mashal and Her mother. Overall this episode move between Mashal Mehreen And Aswad. we want some happy scenes and a little relief from that disheartening and toxic atmosphere of this play.