Parizaad Episode 6 Review

parizaad episode review

In the previous episode, we have seen that Parizaad comes on time and helps Saeeda and her husband to get out o this problem. Nasaaz is proposing for Bubbly and Parizaad’s marriage. Parizaad seems happy whenever he’s around Bubbly.

This episode starts with Saeeda where she was requiring some financial help as a loan from her elder brothers but they selfishly rejected her and her Bhabi advice her to ask Parizaad for help knowing the fact that Parizaad has no money. Parizaad’s selfish bhabies and brothers are hitting a new level of greediness. Saeeda left for her home with a heavy heart and Parizaad feels so helpless at that point.

The next day, Nasaaz talks to Bubbly’s parents about Parizaad’s proposal moreover, he also advises them to keep Parizaad as Ghar Damaad, because his family will never be going to accept Bubbly as a bahu. They accept the proposal and fix the Nikkah date after Parizaad’s exams. Parizaad is already having reservations about taking money from them. Unexpectedly Bubbly looks happy on this proposal and as she was affectionately brushing off Parizaad’s hair and being lovey-dovey with him.

Here comes the twist, the very next day Bubbly’s sudden escape from the house is extremely unexpected, yes! she ran from the house WHY? she can simply say no to her parents as she previously did, or she gets scared because her father slaps her last time?

Nasaaz and Parizaad search for Bubbly everywhere but retunes to home empty hand. Bubbly’s parents were deeply heartbroken because of her decision and decided to left the city.

Parizaad is deeply sad when he has to bid farewell to his only friend Nasaaz, he has to leave the city due to Bubbly’s family has moved out after she ran away from the house, and he has no place to live. Seeing Parizaad crying in the very last scene was heartbreaking, it was clear what he felt at the point, his only support is gone. he left all alone.

Well, this episode ends with a new beginning. Parizaad’s life new chapter begins as he gets a scholarship to one of the most reputable universities.