Parizaad Episode 5 Review

parizaad drama review

Previously in the episode, We watched a brief farewell to Naheed and her husband majid. Naheed and Parizaad met right before she left for Karachi with Majid. Saeeda’s bhabhi’s visits her in-law’s house out of curiosity about how Saeeda’s life is going. Bubbly was introduced as a tough and headstrong young girl who has gender identity issues. 


The Episode starts with Saeeda (Parizaad’s elder sister) is in problem, she runs to her house for help but her evil bhabhi’s make a fuss about her problem and refused to help her, fortunately, Parizaad comes on time and help Saeeda and her husband to get out o this problem. This is the first time we see Parizaad in action and taking a stand for her sister. He arranges bail for his brother-in-law by using his connection. However, he was unable to resolve his brother-in-law’s financial loss.

Parizaad seems happy whenever he’s around Bubbly. we can see him happier, confident, and bold around her. will Bubby and Parizaad can be more than friends? It feels like Bubbly has a feeling for Parizaad.


Bubbly’s marriage proposal was very typical, Rishte wale brings a list of demands and asking indirect dowry. The best part was what Bubbly Badmash does with them was very much required and they deserved that kind of treatment. however, I was very disappointed by Bubbly’s father she does not deserve that slap at all. I know, her father is also feeling bad after slapping her.

Bubbly’s mother was right, that she needs a therapist, who can help her to understand things and maybe she gets better. But her father’s response to this suggestion was very much a reflection of our society and their point of view about mental health, That only mad or mentally challenged people need psychiatrists and therapists.

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Nasaaz knew Parizaad is worried for his sister Saeeda, as her husband requires money to fight his case. So he advises Parizaad to consider marrying Bubbly as she is the best match for him. Nasaaz also thinks that Bubbly will never agree to settle down with a regular man, as she is fiery and completely different from other girls. so he will be the best suited for her. He also says that Bubbly’s parents maybe will give him money from which he can help his sister, at that point he looks a bit convinced. Not expected from someone like Parizaad, I hope he will deny that offer otherwise that will be a big disappointment. ( what happen to Nasaaz what is he talking about.)

My point of view:

Saboor Aly’s performance as Bubbly is adorable and amazing. I’m really enjoying her screen time. Ahmed Ali Akhbar is killing it in every episode by his acting. Nasaaz advising parizaad to get married to bubbly for money was very wrong advised, not expecting such opinion someone like Nasaaz who portrayed as a knowledgeable and upright man. Every time Parizaad’s bhabhi’s scene comes it gives me a headache, extremely unrequited drama. overall another exciting episode was delivered as promised. This drama is getting interesting episode after episode.

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