Laapata Episode-2 Review

Laapata Episode 2 Review

In the earlier episode, we see Geeti who is a Tiktok star understands very well how to use her social media popularity unreasonably everywhere but Falak is the only one who does not get threatened by her. The story is potentially a love triangle. Shams is portrayed as a bit greedy or a shallow character who always dreams to get super-rich by shortcuts. Falak is portrayed as a good girl with a positive attitude. She plays a healthy sport, Falak and Shams both like each other and wants to get married in the future.


Our overconfident TikToker Geeti captures her both cousins Falak and Shams together and now she starts blackmailing that she will expose them on her social media account and demands the mobile balance (classic Pakistani style blackmailing) After making many failed attempts to blackmail them, she is now all set to snatch Shams from Falak. Because Falak is the only one who does not get intimidated by her.

Shams is a completely ruined person who is slowly getting addicted to gambling. he keeps wasting his poor father’s money on gambling. Falak gets suspicious and asks Shams about his activities and from where he is getting all the money and the gifts he keeps giving her. On the other hand, Falak warns Geeti to stay away from Shams otherwise she will make her an example that even her followers won’t be able to recognize her.


Surprisingly, Falak’s parents agree on the Shams proposal but then Falak’s sister gives them some sanity to her parents by giving her example that how her husband is jobless so how can they bear another daughter’s burden, and Shams is not a good match for Falak.

Finally, Falak’s father decides refusing the Shams proposal is the best choice he can make for her daughter.

To be honest, Falak and Shams are no match.