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Lapata Episode-1 Review


Hum TV aired the first episode of Lapata drama serials Lapata features Ayeza Khan, Sarah Khan, Ali Rehman, Goher Rasheed in the leading cast. The drama is written and directed by Khizer Idress and its Momina Duraid Production.


Our protagonist Geeti’s character describes as a happy-go-lucky girl who is cunning and self-centered and never hesitates to do anything. Geeti who is a Tiktok star understands very well how to use her social media popularity unreasonably everywhere.

Geeti’s body language, her makeup, and the style she talks seem a copy of Geet(Kareena Kapoor) from Jab We Met. “It reminds me of one of Sonya Hussain’s characters where she copies Sri Devi.” Her description is not in a positive light in fact she is not at all a heroine material just a protagonist who feels that she can do anything and get anything she wants she does not think about the outcomes at all.


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Our 2nd Protagonist the character Shams, Shams is good for nothing person, a daydreamer who has nothing to do or doesn’t want to do anything. Shams is portrayed as a bit greedy or a shallow character who always dreams to get super-rich by shortcuts. He also steals his father’s money and gets into gambling. Shams is desperately in love with his cousin Falak.


Our 3rd Protagonist, Falak is portrayed as a good girl with a positive attitude. She plays a healthy sport, Falak and Shams both like each other and wants to get married in the future.

This episode is more like the introduction of a character, But, it’s already clear that Geeti is a negative character and this story is going to move around her how she missed using her TikTok popularity and how her arrogance of winning everything will firebacks.

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