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Hania Aamir landed in hot water again after her video went viral


Hania Aamir has trending on Twitter in Pakistan after a video showing her with producer Wajahat Rauf’s son went viral.


This video clip shows that Hania singing along to Hasan Raheem’s Arzu while resting with Aashir Wajahat. Later it went viral, people started saying Hania Aamir was showing “indecency and vulgarity”. 

We’re not sure whether Hania posted the video on Instagram or someone else. But this video is widely shared on Twitter.

Most people blamed Hania for seeking attention and said they have “lost respect” for her.


Hania Amir took Instagram and responded to the criticism by saying:  “I share my personal life in little bits and pieces here. Some appreciate. Some think I shouldn’t. I do it to connect with the people who love me on this platform. I am here spreading laughs and smiles. Remember me for the girl who touched your heart with a vulnerable meaningful conversation. Remember me for my kindness and love.


Remember me as someone who tried to enjoy every moment regardless of the challenges in her life. Don’t worry. This is not an emotional giving-up post. Just saw some people commenting disgusting things. So just wanted to come here and remind my beautiful following to always choose love over hate. And vulnerability over pretence. Love yourself and others around you. Laugh. Live your life”.

She also added: “People who hate don’t know any better. Anyone having an issue with you having harmless fun and a harmless laugh shouldn’t be a part of your life. Peace”.

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