Bushra Ansari’s drama Zebaish fails to impress

Zebaish hum tv

The audience was expecting a lot from Bushra Ansari’s drama Zebaish. But its turnout to be a big disappointment. Who to blame, the cast, direction, actors overexpression, the demand for unnecessarily slaps, non-sync clothes of the same scene. Or the drama look likes a family gala. Everything is wrong from the start that puts the question on drama and the direction. 

Let’s talk about the three main actors and their characters in this drama.


Bushra Ansari

bushra ansari Zebaish

Bushra Ansari’s makeup, fake expressions, and performance in this drama are all over the place. Her performance in the drama makes you question her acting skills. What happened to the actress like Bushra Ansari who is a brilliant actress, an amazing author, and always delivers the best. then what went know? 


Asma Abbas

Zebaish hum tv asma abbas

Asma Abbas one of the best female veteran actresses in the Pakistani Tv industry, But she surprises everyone with her overacting in Zabaish. Although Asma Abbas’s character has gone through a lot of serious situations in the past episodes in the drama but her dull expressions and unnecessarily screaming in the wrong sense turn off the audience. Asma Abbas’s acting in this drama is the ideal example of over-exaggeration.


Zara Noor Abbas 

zara noor abbas Zebaish

Zara Noor Abbas is a good actor but again what happen to her in Zabaish. She portrayed the character of a twenty years old graduate girl but she acts like a ten years old kid in the drama, Again over-expressions unrequired loud laughs, unnecessarily screamings and again no sync of the wardrobe in a scene. Zara’s over-acting has made one of the most serious scenes funny in the drama. In fact, her performance in the drama makes you question not only her acting but the direction too.

What do you think about this new drama Zabaish?