Dushman-e-Jaan Story Review


Dushman e Jaan is a great example that Sometimes, a simple storyline with perfect direction is enough to make a good drama that attracts the audience.


Dushman e Jaan is currently one of the most famous dramas in the audience after big dramas like Do bol, Mere pass tum ho, and Yeeh dil mera. Dushman- e -Jaan successfully holds the grab on the viewers and keeps delivering remarkable performances in each episode.

Dushman e Jaan was one of the most underrated drama and it comes out as the biggest hit of the year without any promotions like we see other dramas get. The reason behind the success of Dushman e Jaan is Good cast, Powerful acting by main leads, excellent performances by side characters, light and significant dialogues, excellent direction, and the perfectly written by the writer.


Here are three main actors and there characters of Dushman e Jaan.

Mohin Mirza as Hatim

Mohin Mirza is a brilliant actor and there is no doubt about it. He completely did justice with his character and delivers the best performance that viewers can’t ignore. His character Hatim is an arrogant rich man, who comes from a dysfunctional household, Hatim’s stubborn and bossy behaviour shows his puzzling personality. He always questioning others & disrespecting women is a big part of his character.


Tooba Siddiqui as Ramsha

Ramsha is a strong-headed girl who has the full responsibility of her household, an old father, a sick younger brother, an unmarried younger sister, and many other problems that she has to deal with day to day life. These problems lead her to take a hard decision and that’s end-up costing her, her life.


Madiha Imam as Rubab

dushman e jaan

Rubab is a kind and optimistic character, she finds happiness and positivity in every situation. Her family’s support is everything for her. She loves her older sister (Ramsha) unconditionally and understands her compromises. After her sister’s brutal death she decided to get justice for her sister.

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