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Usman Malik wants to marry me, said Uzma Khan

Usman Malik wants to marry me, said Uzma Khan

“Yes, I’m in a relationship with Usman Malik, said Uzma Khan”


Pakistani actress and model Uzma Khan stated in the press conference that she was about to marry Usman Malik.

Uzma Khan attends the press conference along with her lawyer Ali Ishfaq to address the aspects of the controversy including Uzma her sister and the daughters of Malik Riaz and his son-in-law Usman Malik.


Uzma Khan said.“I’m grateful to the media who came out for my support. All the accusations Usman’s wife is putting against me in the video are incorrect. I met Usman’s wife for the first time that night. Yes, I’m in a relationship with Usman Malik for the last two years. We were about to get married.

She said: “Amina Usman the wife of Usman Malik never called me. All the accusations she putting upon me was wrong,”.


While Replying to media Uzma Khan said, the Guards and the girls both beat me and my sister and we were seeking mercy, “How come a woman can be so ruthless with another woman.”

I am receiving threats from last night, Uzma Khan further said. She also demand for the police for medical examination and lodge FIR genuinely based on facts.


The incident happened on Saturday night, just before the Eid festival. After a number of videos were shared on social media, police announced they were launching an investigation on Wednesday. They have registered a formal complaint against the three women and their guards for allegedly breaking and entering the actress’s residence, beating up her and her sister and damaging their property.


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