Robert Pattinson refuses to exercise for Batman role.


The Batman” star Robert Pattinson told GQ magazine that he’s not exercising at all while quarantined. He was shooting for the American superhero film before the lockdown was announced.

Pattinson revealed that he is not working out for the role currently by following a strict fitness regime put together by a personal trainer but he is sticking to his meal plan.


“I think if you’re working out all the time, you’re part of the problem,” he said, referring to his fellow Hollywood actors.

“You set a precedent,” Pattinson said of fellow actors.

“No one was doing this in the ’70s. Even James Dean – he wasn’t exactly ripped,” he added, referring to the late actor who was known for roles in “East of Eden” and “Rebel Without a Cause.”


Pattinson said that he’s not focused on staying in shape for his superhero role. The film is now scheduled to be released on October 1, 2021.