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Pakistan India sign agreement on Kartarpur Corridor

kartarpur pakistan india
Pakistan and India signed the agreement on Kartarpur Corridor

Dr Mohammad Faisal, director general at the Foreign Office, and Indian Ministry of Home Affairs Joint Secretary S.C.L. Das signed the agreement at the Pakistan-India border in Narowal.

kartarpur pakistan  india

After the signing ceremony, Foreign Office spokesman Dr Faisal said that as per the initiative of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the agreement has been signed while a formal inauguration of the project will be held on November 9.


Dr. Muhammad Faisal, the spokesperson of Foreign Office, will represent Pakistan while New Dehli’s joint secretary will attend the ceremony from Indian side.

Dr Faisal said that under the agreement, the Indian authorities will provide a list of pilgrims 10 days ahead of their visit.


The final outline of agreement was Pakistan would charge $20 service fee from every pilgrim for a single trip. However, India reluctantly agreed to it. 

This project will facilitate 5,000 pilgrims a day can visit Kartarpur daily. and Pakistan will consider the possibility of allowing more pilgrims on special occasions.


The arrival time for the pilgrims from India will be 8:00 in the morning to 12:00 noon. The pilgrims would have to leave by evening, as per details of the proposed agreement.

Indian pilgrims would have to show passport, Adhar Card or PIN Card as their identity. Pakistan’s immigration officials will issue a card to every Indian pilgrim with bar code.


Last week, Prime Minister Khan stated on his social media account that Pakistan is all set to open its doors for the Sikh community from across the globe.

he said construction work on the Kartarpur project has entered the final stage and will be open to the public on November 9.

The prime minister said the world’s largest Gurdwara will be visited by Sikhs from across India and other parts of the world.


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