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I’m Better than you. Am I?

im better than you

Today I’m going to discuss the most popular and most debated topic “criticizes others”. We all criticize others on the various topics, sometimes extremely little and harmless and sometimes in a very cheap and hurtful way with a non-apologetic behavior.


Interestingly, some people don’t even think twice before commenting how their attacking tone or words will affect others. They take it as a “challenge” to criticize other people and make sure they will resent themselves at least for a few seconds, just to make their self superior. This is the type of “mature bullies” which thou can find simply in your friend circle, workplace, relatives or any other social networking sites.


This type of people think they own a license to criticize every single person they see, however, when someone corrects them they can’t take it and start charging and use more extreme way to dominate the other person.

fake friends criticize

When you feel that the other person is continuously and unnecessarily pinpointing you on every single matter like how to dress up, how you talk, how loud-mouthed you’re, how bad cook y’all, how worse your relationship is and may more thing like that. The most certain method to protect yourself from these kind of people is to avoid them because they only bring negativity in your life and nothing else.

This type of people always discover something about you to criticize and in micro-second, they will make you anxious about yourself just to satisfiy their so-called ego.


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