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Meera and Iffat Omar have a nasty argument

meera and iffat omar fight

Meera expresses her point of view about actor and acting that “there is no shelf life of an actor”, and Iffat Omar correct her and said “I am not talking about Actor” I am talking about Heroine “on that point Meera again repeat her view and add then why Angelina Julie and Mahira still working, our heroines in sub-continent are mature why are they working? , now times have changed and age doesn’t matter and filmmakers are ready to cast mature actors.

Why do our people like Hollywood movies?
Iffat said, “because of content “. Meera gracefully replies “no because they are not into these age complexes” anymore.
Then Iffat Omar become more furious and asked Saqib malik, who would you cast if you will have a certain picture of a character on your mind?
Saqib said, “World has grown and now there are roles formulated for all ages for example of Baji ”.


Iffat Omar answered to Saqib Omar, “no, this is a problem for me whenever I post my pictures people comment that you too old for this, and much more stuff like this and it bothers me.

Quickly Meera replied in soft tune, I suggest you all you aren’t allowed to say anything about age to Iffat Omar then Iffat said not only me but all the ladies.
Iffat Omar asked the most dangerous question to Meera how old are you?
And Meera replies in her style that she will bring her birth certificate to her show next time and gift her.


Age is not the only point where Iffat criticized her but on numerous points where she mocks her and imposed her judgment on Meera.
Well, Iffat Omar behavior was considerably argumentative and offensive in this episode.


Don’t y’all believe hosts should be open-minded, flexible towards their guest and they should not impose their philosophies on other guests and make them uncomfortable through asking unrequited questions?
Do let us what you think about this conflict between Meera and Iffat Omar.

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