Shamoon Abbasi respond to Humaima Malik in dignified manner

shamoon abbasi respond to humaima Humaimamallick and shamoon abbasi

This confusion is really concerning because its been more than 5 years we parted away from each others lives

Humaira Mallick recently shared a story about her abusive married life on Social Media how she suffered and unable to gather the courage to speak about that before and also praised Fatima Sohail who is fighting for her rights against Domestic Violence.

As we all know that Humaima malik Previously married to Pakistani (Actor/ Director/Producer) Shamoon Abbasi whom she was married to three years. And With this post where she shows her regrets stayed quiet while being in an abusive marriage. Well, it’s was pretty obvious who she was talking about.
”I am shameful of myself today I didn’t do anything for myself for 3 years of an abusive marriage, 7 years of another abusive relationship and it repeated again’

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This all not well with Shamoon Abbasi and he took to Social media and Show his concerned about HumaimaMallick’s recent Statues t in a very dignified manner by responding,

“Salam everyone,
Went through the news about the confusion between me and my ex-wife Humaima Malick and sort of shocked to see the miss interpretation that is created by her status shared recently..I and Humaima have been good friends even after our divorce and always respected each other in general, and in public places. Even joked about things we shared in the past.


Humaima has now mashallah grown into a big name in this country and abroad and I always felt good to see that she is now happy doing what she wanted while making her name in the industry,
She was my wife, not a girlfriend she was in my nikah so I always respected her and her family and had great moments with them.

He further Added, Now this confusion is really concerning because its been more than 5 years we parted away from each others lives and yes every couple have their own views about how to work and make a name and money in the process..

Shamoon Abbasi also pontificated that domestic matters should be served with care and not dragged to the broad daylight as they put both parties into a dirty place on social media.

Shamoon Abbasi clears his side of the story with dignity. Now we all have to see whats Humaima Mallick has to say about this.