Pakistan refuse to open airspace for India

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Pakistan continue the ban

Pakistan put the hold on the request to open the airspace for India and expend the ban until 26th July and ask India to move back there fighter aircraft.

Pakistan will not open its airspace until India de-escalates, the country’s Aviation Secretary Shah­rukh Nusrat told a parliamentary committee.

Source: Dawn news

Pakistan shut its airspace on February 27, the day Pakistan’s air force shot down two Indian fighter aircraft for violating the airspace.

Civil aviation authority of Pakistan said we will open the air space for India after they move back there fighter aircraft.

According to the notice of CAA of Pakistan airspace transit will remain suspended until further orders however the operations on western airspace will not be affected by this decision.

Well, there is no good in war, we both nations need to think about this. We have bigger problems to deal rather than pulling each other down. What’s your take on this.