Eight-year-old driving a water tanker

An eight-year-old girl driving a water tanker has taken the internet by shock as she took the wheel following her father’s ill health.

According to the Pakistani news channel, 8th-year-old girl Khushi runs a water tanker from one area to another after her father experienced a stroke and the family’s unfavorable circumstances left no option for the girl but to drive the family’s economical wheel forward herself.

While the young girl struggles on the road and put her and other’s lives in danger why no one bothers to stop her. This event puts a big question mark on the traffic police department.

On this incident D.I.G Traffic Police expressed their concerns about underage drivers and questioning who will be accountable if an unfortunate road accident takes place due to underage driving.

Why Nobody Bother to stop this event? And trying to know why this little angle doing this, Why are we so ignorant?