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Why Pakistani Society is difficult for Lefty


Something I always want to share..

To be hated cordially, is only a left-handed compliment.
-Herman Melville


Yes being a left handed girl could be a normal in other world but in Pakistani society it can raise a question on your parents who forget to teach you basic manners of living. Yes, being a lefty plus girl it’s make you misfit and needs to be fixed.

Every person is trying to teach you how wrong you are using your Left hand for eating, like you’re a lunatic who doesn’t know any basic of living on earth and take it as a challenge and make sure they convince you how truly wronged you are, without realising there words are completely insulting and hurting other person.


One day I ask my Grandfather is eating with left hand is a sin? He smiled and answer me there is no concept in Islam that right hand is good and left hand is bad for anything at all. Allah love each and every person equally and he will never punish anyone just for using left hand for eating food.


One time a lady ask me not to eat in-front of her because seeing me eating dinner from my left hand makes her vomit. That was one of the inharmonious comment I received.

Now I’m in my thirty’s and still some times I received such inharmonious comments from people who hardly know me. Well one blog is not enough for this topic so maybe some other time I will continue this topic ..


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