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Being a Housewife!



A Mother’s greatest master piece is her children…


When it comes to talk about a housewives (Stay home Mom)there is always an argument . According to me this is a most underrated topic ever discussed.

Most of people think its not even necessarily to mention that “being a housewife” it’s an important role that women are performing from many years without any complain or any demand .


Growing up in a South Asian household I always see my mother’s endless work and effort to make everyone happy in a house. She always make sure we all get what we want or need.


Most of the time without asking she makes everything ready for each and every person in a family. I never see my mother taking off from work. (Cooking,cleaning,managing things,laundry,grocery,buying thing we stuff for kids, gifts for relatives and many more…)

Or going out on Sundays for pampering herself because she need a break or she want to change her job because no one is appreciating that she did a good job.

Even there is no off from work on holidays or festivals for her, she don’t even get a sick leave for a day.

Most of us think “being a housewife” (Stay Home Mom) is a easy job to do, there is nothing much a housewife does except watch T.V , sleeping whole day , or talking to friends on the phone. Of Course that’s not true.


When I was a teen I never understand the importance and a workload a house wife had on her shoulder , Even some time I used to think there is no big deal to be a “housewife”.

But by the time passed i started understand how hard it’s for my Mom (ammi) to be a housewife managing a house, four kids, In-laws and everyone my father cared and loved .


They give up everything for her family without any complaints with love and smile and asking Nothing in return.

Let’s stop Ignoring the effort and hard work of a house wife or mother(Stay home Mom) and appreciate them with our love and respect for taking care of us 24/7 without any complain .

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