Makeup and Me!

When it comes to do makeup i always find my self in bigg trouble. It’s not like I don’t like to do makeup, oh I love to do. But I don’t know the exact products which suits to my skin.

So I decide to do some research like what is good and easy way to do makeup .As my skin is very dry so my did the research according to my skin and bought these items.

• moisturize
As my skin is very dry so before applying any makeup i ways moisturize my skin.
• Apply face primer
 Primer is goes on skin before applying makeup. For dry skin, primer is especially useful because it gives your skin a smoother base, so that makeup can be applied without getting stuck to dry patches of skin.

• Apply chapstick
Patchy lipstick is one of the most obvious makeup faux pas, so make sure to use a layer of chapstick before you apply your makeup. Specially for dry skin.
• Foundation
I bought a liquid Foundation meant for dry skin is packed with more moisture than foundation meant for oily or normal skin.

• concealer
 I always use a liquid or cream concealer ony undereye area, Apply concealer like you applied the liquid foundation, using a series of small pats.Use a small brush that can reach all the areas of the under eye.

• Eye shadow
You can use any shadow you like to apply on your eyes.

• Eye liner and mascara
Eye liner and mascara has nothing to do with skin dryness so you can use any mascara and eyeliner you want.
•  liquid blush
Liquid blush not only goes on smoother, but it lasts longer and is more heat resistant during hot days. To use liquid blush.

• Lipstick
As my skin is dry so I prefer to use glossy lipsticks rather than matte lipsticks.

So this is what I try and feel good for my self that finally I have a makeup according to my skin.